Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his amazing crew

by Trish Manes

No Kill Maricopa County met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his crew to discuss the No Kill movement. Within ten minutes, Sheriff Joe and his incredible crew “got it” and wanted to know how they can help support this amazing cause. Sheriff Joe looked at me and said, “Trish, why are you only looking into animal control? I want to see this for all of Maricopa County.” Bursting with pride due to his incredible comment, I replied “Rest assured, Sheriff Joe, that is exactly what we want to see here, too. We are starting with animal control as they are our government agency and we want our government agency to reflect our values.”

Kudos to Sheriff Joe and his crew for stepping up to support this incredible cause for the shelter animals of Maricopa County. This was an amazing day; a day I will always remember.

(pictured left to right, Erica Mahoney, NKMC Action Team Lead, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Trish Manes, NKMC President)


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