imagesCA7JVC2FBy Claudia Bloom

Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven.

The blog YesBiscuit! is one of my favorite reads. On a daily basis this writer points out the abuse, neglect, and needless killing of animals in shelters throughout the country, and the excuses that are given to the public and local government decision makers for that abuse and killing. The similarities between the excuses and all kill shelter directors all over the country are constant proof that the old, regressive shelter policies are alive and well in cities big and small, and are responsible for the death of 3-4 million animals a year.

Of course, all these excuses are alive and well at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC), and are used by MCACC shelter director Rodrigo Silva and the organizations that are closely aligned with MCACC. Earlier this year on a local radio station, Phoenix residents got to hear about how one of those MCACC aligned groups was saving lives by spay/neuter. The message was obviously that if we would all be responsible, MCACC wouldn’t have to kill any animals. But it doesn’t work that way, and all those organizations that are aligned with MCACC and actually help develop policy at MCACC, are actually promoting regressive policies that cause the death of thousands of animals a year at MCACC. Rather than hold our local shelter and its director accountable, they blame the public, as shelters have for decades.

I invite you to read the following blog  and you will see the similarities between kill shelter excuses all over the country. You will see that they  are just that, excuses.

And no, Rodrigo, the adoption market has NOT reached a saturation point. And you cannot kill 10,000 animals a year and say you are saving 90%. Doesn’t fly.





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